Amarena Pictures is a production and direction company.

It was born in 2011, distinguishing itself for its adaptivity and its ability to work quickly while maintaining effectiveness and high quality. We create different genre advertising films such as branded content, VR, or even videogames that have been broadcasted on TV, web, social media and internal or corporate communication channels. It is our pride to meet our clients and advertising agencies needs.

"Amarena Pictures represents that unique taste made of a human side and an aesthetic research that is felt in all the contents we produce. This derives precisely from our love for what is 'human': even when we film Bulgari rings or an Alfa Romeo we still give a human touch in the moving images style: today the product itself is not more important than the desire, the history, and the choice of the consumer."

We have been working with top brands like FCA, Coca-Cola, Netflix, Lavazza, Bulgari, Tim, Mercedes, Mazda, Procter & Gamble, Beiersdorf, Istituto Superiore di Sanità, Ministry of Health, and Presidency of the Council of the Ministers.

Alessandro Merletti De Palo and Giovanni Caloro are two directors who have chosen to transform the pre-production, the set, and the post-production into a single pleasant, creative, non-mechanical path.

Our goal is to combine precision, quality, promptness and maintaining at the same time a pleasant, artistic, and relaxed atmosphere from the B2B relationship during production.

Thanks to the contribution of all the professionals involved and our producers - the "amarena guys" - we are always ready, available, and friendly ...with the constant intention to become impeccable.

With Amarena, everything can be done with care and precision, in a caring and intelligent mood.


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