Amarena Pictures, based in Rome and Milan, was born in August 2009 as the directing duo Alessandro Merletti de Palo and Giovanni Caloro, and in 2010 it becomes a film company.
Among the successful productions, the TV COMMERCIALS “Camicia Bianca di Garibaldi”, among the first three commercials for people memory rating ever made by the brand TIM and “RAI REPLAY” for RAI (the Italian Public TV), so appreciated that it has been distributed internationally; the WEB COMMERCIALS for TIM, Enel, (starring Riccardo Rossi), Lavazza (starring Enrico Brignano), Johnson&Johnson, Mercedes, Suzuki, which got millions of clicks on corporate Websites and Social Pages.
Among the INTEGRATED PROJECTS, we have directed a series of collateral videos for the launch of Opel Adam, starring Valentino Rossi together with the agencies Scholz&Friends, MRM, e Cohn&Wolfe, and, together with Blue Hive (London) we have created a video for linking the official campaign, the Corporate Facebook and a tailored mini website of Ford. Among the BUSINESS VIDEOS, we have directed the corporate video for Cassa Depositi e Prestiti, dozens of videos for the internal communication for BNL, e product presentations for Range Rover and Tubes.
Among the SOCIAL VIRAL VIDEOS, a case history is the official video for the launch of Radio Globo “Il Pulcino Pio”, written and directed by Amarena Pictures which have generated a tsunami of clicks (more than 200 millions).

We also make music videos and video-art, for example we have filmed and produced videos for a solo exhibition of Arnaldo Pomodoro in Rome and for Gino Marotta at MACRO.

Alessandro Merletti De Palo

Film director since 1998, ranges from medium-length film to documentaries and reportages, videoclips to fiction, virals to commercials. He studied Economics at Roma Tre University while in the US Caring Economics, Model Thinking at Michigan and Organizational Analysis at Stanford. Ex-Professor of Film Analysis in Padova, Cooperation theory expert with a research project presented at the 2015 Collective Intelligence in San Francisco and at OuiShare fest in Paris. Lego fan and ex-cellist, reads Adelphi and Science, listens to classical music, moves along with a Brompton, dances african Butô, plays Ultimate Frisbee and collects Myths and ancient stories from all over the world.

Giovanni Caloro

Born in Rome in 1981. Vj and musician during university, fascinated by the interaction between music and images, approaches the direction world making videoclip, video dance, video art. Listens to music only from '60s to '70s and from 1989 to 1995, with few exceptions, loves hipster photography, tv series, David Lynch and Stanley Kubrick.

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