Amarena Pictures is a production company held by two film directors, Alessandro Merletti de Palo and Giovanni Caloro, based in Rome and Milan.
Among the successful productions, the TV commercial “Camicia Bianca di Garibaldi”, directed and co-written by Amarena Pictures, got top-rated for people memory and amongst the three best commercials ever made by the brand TIM. “RAI REPLAY” for RAI, the Italian national broadcaster, is another example of Amarena Pictures direction that went distributed internationally because of its great success; the Web Commercials produced for brands like TIM, starring Neri Marcorè, Marco Marzocca, Bianca Balti, Cristian De Sica, Belen; Enel, starring Riccardo Rossi; Opel/Vauxhall, starring Valentino Rossi; Lavazza starring Enrico Brignano; Mazda, whose video went worldwide as per the launch of the new roadster, Mercedes; Ford; Suzuki and Johnson&Johnson are other examples that got millions of clicks on brands websites and social pages. Amongst these, a special case history is the official video for the launch of Radio Globo “Il Pulcino Pio”. The video hit, written and directed by Amarena Pictures has generated more than 200 millions views and counting, even today.
We like to shoot with celebrities but also with social media influencers with growing popularity like PepperChocolate84 and Gianmaria Sainato, or letting people talk directly about their favourite brands and services: the Coca-Cola 90th birthday celebration in Italy got immense reaction and the Sofitel MGallery road trip between Venice, Florence and Naples with Paolo Stella spread pervasively in the social media world. Amarena Pictures directs and produces also important corporate videos for largest italian institutions with dimensions like Cassa Depositi e Prestiti. Dozens of videos were crafted with care for the internal communication of banks, like BNL-BNP Paribas, insurance companies like Sara Assicurazioni, big pharma like Pfizer, car brands like Range Rover, interior design manufacturers like Tubes. Amarena Pictures is into music and art-related videos too: Arnaldo Pomodoro, Gino Marotta, Tracey Emin, David Černý, Edward Hopper are some of the names featured together with the most important museums in Italy including MAXXI, MACRO and private galleries in Milan.

Alessandro Merletti De Palo

Film director since 1998, ranges through medium-length films, documentaries, reportages, videoclips, fiction, virals and of course commercials. Alessandro studied Economics at Roma Tre University in Italy and in the US Caring Economics, Model Thinking (Michigan Ann Arbour), Organizational Analysis (Stanford), Fractals and Scaling (Santa Fe Institute). Ex-Professor of Film Analysis (Padua), he’s Cooperation Science scientific director at Cooperacy.org. Author of a cooperation science model presented at the 2015 Collective Intelligence conference in San Francisco, at the NYU Stern School of Business, at the OuiShare fest in Paris, in the G0v conference in Taipei, in Germany and China, where he introduced the Cooperation Context Index in Macau 2017 during the Partial Least Square modeling statistics international conference. Lego fan and ex-cellist he’s been playing with the 100 Cellos Orchestra lead by Sollima and Melozzi. Reads Adelphi and Nature, listens to classical music, moves along with a Brompton, dances african Butô, practices Acrobatic Yoga, plays Ultimate Frisbee and collects Myths and ancient stories from all over the world.

Giovanni Caloro

Born in Rome in 1981. Vj and musician during university, fascinated by the interaction between music and images, approaches the direction world making videoclip, video dance, video art. Listens to music only from '60s to '70s and from 1989 to 1995, with few exceptions, loves hipster photography, tv series, David Lynch and Stanley Kubrick.

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